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Interior Shoots That Just Pop

January 23, 2018  •  1 Comment

Hi everyone. Hope you have had a great couple of weeks?

Being an Architectural and Interior Photographer, and living in a country where the weather is as unpredictable as the government, you can't always guarantee how grey or colourful your day will turn out! Yes, you can wait for a beautiful sunny day but lets face it, that could be a long wait!! 

Take away the equipment and the specific skill set you need to take a great shot, you hope that the location will speak for itself. When it does, and along with great lighting, the image will just pop! 

This image below was taken in the reception area of Queensbury House, London W1. Everything just seemed to fall in place.

Have a great couple of weeks.


A Quick Hello

January 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

Hello everyone.

This is my first of many blogs to come. 

I live in North London, United Kingdom. So i'm never too far from incredible subjects. 

Architectural and Interior Photography has been a love of mine for a while now and has made me realise (as it does many of us) how much we take our surroundings for granted. It has given me a new love for the city I live in and motivates me to want to do more within it. I feel like a child taking his first steps again, and now that I have found my feet, I want to explore!

Have a great week all and thank you in advance for viewing my blog.

Taz London buses and long exposures....

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